When a person and/or persons are reluctant to make the correct decision although they know it is for their benefit. b. Being able to come to a conclusion and not agreeing with the answer. c. Ignoring common sense. d. The inability to think clearly due to lack of encouragement.

Head up ass - Picture | eBaum's World Dec 11, 2007 What does have (one's) head up (one's) ass mean? have (one May 26, 2013 What does "head up your åss" mean? | Yahoo Answers

Head Up Its Arse is an experimental book designed to look and feel as if you are experiencing the Punk Movement of 1970’s London. It is broken up into three sections: London Punk, Punk Print, and Punk Style; each with subchapters within them. The typography is intermixed with hand-stamped and

Once, it was a Britney Spears song. I clicked on it, and a video pops up. It's two circus performers. They seem to be in a circus tent. The woman, maybe a trapeze artist, is kicked back in a chair. In front of her is a man who was dressed like a clown. He proceeds to bend down and STICK HIS ENTIRE HEAD up into her vagina. Neck deep. Reverse birth. have your head up your ass AMERICAN, INFORMAL, VERY RUDE If someone has their head up their arse, they say silly things or behave in a silly way. `That's what Peter said.' — `Well, Peter has his head up his arse.' See also: arse, have, head, up Apr 23, 2006 · 1. The condition of being absolutely oblivious to surroundings 2. Acting like an asshole have (one's) head (stuck) up (one's) arse rude slang To be totally self-centered. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Of course Josh had no interest in my ideas—he has his head stuck up his arse, as usual.

Aug 05, 2016 · I've got my head so far up my ass I think Donald Trump is the answer.

Well, get your head out of your ass and just be nice. It’s easy to do, but in case there’s any confusion, here are some tips. Don’t judge people based on material possessions. Dec 11, 2007 · Head up ass. Uploaded 12/11/2007 This guy can fit his head inside his butthole . Next Picture. blacksheep101. Uploaded 12/11/2007. 2 Ratings. 31,717 Views If someone tells you to " Get your head out of your ass," it means that you have to start paying more attention to what's going on around you. It could also mean that you have to stop being so consumed with yourself, and your own well being, stop being so conceited. John: I am so good at painting, I must be like Michelangelo!