Solved: MacBook connects to Wi-Fi but has no Internet

Jul 18, 2020 No access to internet from laptop DNS - My Virgin Media I have not been able to connect my laptop to the internet for over 3 months (no problems prior for almost 2 years) It says DNS server not responding. I cannot connect with ethernet cable either. It is the only device I have and need to connect (my Vodaphone mobile will connect although for test purp No Internet connection after a power outage (Sometimes So normally, what I have to do is factory reset my isp's modem; removing the bridge mode and that somehow restablishes my internet connection, but then I have to configure it back to bridge mode again. So I'll like to know what may be causing this, is the issue on my isp's side, on the modem itself, or is my router at fault or am I settings debian - How do I get my wireless connection configured Here's my issue and the setup: I have one laptop (we'll call it "A") with Debian 8-Cinnamon (32 bit) (specs not relevant here), which has a wireless internet connection and NO WAY to connect to a

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Oct 27, 2010